Andy Rosenzweig has an authentic voice as a result of over 30 years fighting crime and corruption in New York City

      His career was chronicled in the New Yorker article and book both entitled A COLD CASE by award winning author Philip Gourevitch. Now Andy is offering an opportunity to get inside the life of New York City police and crime fighting in the Big Apple.

      His recently  published novel HARRY AT THE PRECIPICE follows a lieutenant in command of a midtown detective squad who is confronted with a triple murder, and he has a secret  to keep - one of the victims is related to him!

      His second novel, WIREMEN, which takes place in the fictional city of New Netherland, Rhode Island, is also available. This story follows the missteps of an emotionally challenged private eye determined to track down a killer.

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       Solving cold case murders punctuated a long career as a policeman, detective/investigator and leader in the NYPD and the Manhattan D.A.'s Office


      Now Andy  is offering an opportunity to get inside the life of New York City police. In HARRY AT THE PRECIPICE you'll meet detective/lieutenant Harry Berg.   Harry is struggling with what is likely the last days of his career when he's confronted with his most gut wrenching case - the triple murder of a pimp and two prostitutes. The reader learns early on that one of the women is Harry's illegitimate daughter. Harry needs to decide whether to risk it all - career, family, reputation - to satisfy his desire for revenge.       

      There are several keys suspects he and his most trusted detective, Frank McKenna, investigate including two Hell's Kitchen gangsters, and an aging police impersonator who likes to pose as a detective. There are a couple of sub-plots in the story, which help to show Harry's character - which is complicated and flawed. 

      His second novel, WIREMEN, is set in the fictional city of New Netherland, Rhode Island, which matches New York City in terms of gritty characters, crime and corruption.

      Here are a few words from the opening scene:

        Bloody froth flew from his mouth splattering the light blue shirts of the two officers. Looking disgusted, they otherwise seemed unaffected by his screams. They stood back a bit, pulling on powdery green surgical gloves. He flailed fiercely at the air; throwing punches, kicks; finally they stepped toward him, bringing him quickly to the ground. It took a few more minutes to get him handcuffed, nothing for them to grab but his naked body.  Two black lacquered dining room chairs were knocked on their sides. A lamp was broken into several pieces of cerulean blue ceramic with jagged white edges.  “Taliban, Taliban, Taliban, Taliban!  

      Rufus Koufax is a private eye who discovers two dead bodies - Wanda Kelley, an ex-girlfriend who became a call girl and Johnny Fortune, a New Netherland cop with a penchant for getting in trouble, ergo his nickname used by other cops - "Johnny Mis."

      Rufus is determined to find out who killed them. A number of obstacles arise, not the least of which are the New Netherland P.D. detectives and Rufus's deteriorating mental state.

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